In October of 2015, three kindred spirits came together for a collaborative project. Clayton from O'Douds, Zachary from Shear Revival, and Dave from Nostalgic Handmade created a product simply called, "3". It was a great project, and was well received. However, something far more important was created during that fateful weekend in Brooklyn; true friendship.

Since the creation of "3", these brewers have stayed in touch, discussing ideas, philosophies, and their passion for creating quality goods that come from their hearts and into your hands. And so Weathered Collective was born.

Weathered Collective is not another collab (although we love those too!), but rather an extension of our culture. The Collective exists to bring people together under a common thread. Our goal is to work side by side with friends, brands, makers, and artists to create unique projects that embody our passions.

Weathered Collective. From our hearts to your hands.